“Do you love Me? Feed My Sheep…. Caring for ALL that GOD has given us”

$54,100.00 raised from 203 families = 78% of our total goal for the week ending June 8, 2018

Time Line of Annual Eparchial Appeal Campaign for our Eparchial Parish Goal of $39,000 + Parish Internal Goal of $30,000 = $69,000

PARISH GOAL – Our parish council executive decided that any surplus generated in 2017, 2018, and 2019 would go to replenishing our parish Capital Reserve for major renovation projects.

Thank you to everyone who has generously contributed to this year’s Annual Eparchial Appeal.

If you have not yet made your pledge/gift, there is still time to do so.  We have surpassed our Eparchial Goal of $39,000 and any donations received before June 11 will now go towards our internal goal of $30,000.

Please note:  Donations by credit card may be made on line at www.bbessi.org  (Please indicate your parish name in the comment box of the form).  Return completed pledge forms to the parish office, through Sunday collection, baskets at back of the church or on-line giving available.  Donations can also be mailed directly to the BBESSI office.