1.    Bishop Mykolay (Nicholas) Charnetsky, C.Ss.R.

Blessed Nicholas Charnetsky was born on September 14, 1884. He was ordained a priest in 1909 and became a Redemptorist in 1919. In 1931, he was ordained a bishop. Arrested in April of 1945, Bishop Charnetsky spent eleven years in Soviet prison camps. He died in Lviv in 1959.


2.  Bishop Hryhori (Gregory) Khomyshyn

Blessed Gregory Khomyshyn was born on March 25, 1867, in the village of Hadynkivtsi, in the district of Ternopil. He was ordained a priest on November 18, 1893. Father Gregory was ordained a bishop for Stanyslaviv in 1904. In 1939, he was arrested for the first time by the NKVD (KGB) and released. His second arrest was in April 1945, and he was deported to Kiev. He died after torturous interrogations in Kiev's NKVD prison on December 28, 1945.


3.    Bishop Josaphat Kotsylovsky, O.S.B.M.

Blessed Josaphat Kotsylovsky was born on March 3, 1876, in the village of Pakoshivka, in the region of Lemkiv. He was ordained to the priesthood on October 9, 1907. On October 2, 1911, he entered the novitiate of the Basilian Order. He was ordained to the episcopacy on September 23, 1917, in Peremyshl. In September 1945, the Polish authorities imprisoned him. He died a martyr for the faith on November 17, 1947, in a Kiev prison.


4.    Bishop Simeon Lukach

Blessed Simeon Lukach was born on July 7, 1893, in the village of Starunia, in the region of Stanyslaviv. In 1919 he was ordained a priest by Bishop Gregory Khomyshyn. In April 1945, it was suspected that Bishop Gregory had secretly ordained him a bishop. On October 26, 1949, he was arrested, but after numerous interrogations the KGB could not find a charge so he was finally set free on February 11, 1955. In July 1962, he was arrested once again. While in prison, Simeon was stricken with tuberculosis, and he died on August 22, 1964.


5.    Bishop Vasyl (Basil) Vsevolod Velychkovsky, C.Ss.R.

Blessed Basil Velychkovsky was born in 1903. In 1924, he entered the Redemptorist Congregation. After being ordained a priest in 1925, Basil served as a missionary in Halychyna and Volyn. He was arrested in 1945 and sentenced to die by a firing squad. After the sentence was commuted, he spent ten years in Soviet prisons before secretly being ordained a bishop in 1963. He was arrested again in 1969 and exiled to North America in 1972. He died in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1973.


6.  Bishop Ivan Sleziuk

Blessed Ivan Sleziuk was born on January 14, 1896, in the village of Zhyvachiv, Ivano-Frankivsk District. In 1923 he was ordained to the priesthood. In April 1945, Bishop Gregory Khomyshyn ordained him as his co-adjutor with right of succession. On June 2, 1945, Bishop Ivan was arrested and deported for ten years to the labor camps in Vorkuta, Russia. After his release on November 15, 1954, he returned to Ivano-Frankivsk. In 1962, he was arrested again and imprisoned for five years in a camp of strict regimen. After his release on November 30, 1968, he had to often go to the KGB for regular "talks:' The last visit took place two weeks before his death, which occurred December 2, 1973, in Ivano-Frankivsk.


7.  Bishop Nicetas Budka

Blessed Nicetas Budka was born on June 7, 1877, in the village of Dobromirka, in the district of Zbarazh. In 1905, he was ordained to the priesthood. He was consecrated bishop in Lviv on October 14, 1912. That same year he was appointed by the Holy See as the Bishop for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada. In 1928, he became vicar general of the Metropolitan Curia in Lviv. On April 11, 1945, the Soviet government imprisoned him with a sentence of eight years. He died in prison on October 1, 1949. His remains became the food for wolves.


8.  Bishop Hryhori (Gregory) Lakota

Blessed Gregory Lakota was born on January 31, 1883, in the village of Holodivka, in the region of Lemko. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1908 in the city of Peremyshl. On May 16, 1926, he was ordained to the episcopacy and was appointed auxiliary bishop of Peremyshl. On June 9, 1946, he was arrested and imprisoned for ten years in Vorkuta, Russia. He died as a martyr for the faith on November 12, 1950, in the village of Abez, near Vorkuta.



9.      Reverend Leonid Feodorov

Blessed Leonid Feodorov was born to a Russian Orthodox family on November 4, 1879, in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1902 he left his Orthodox seminary and traveled to Rome, where he became Catholic. On March 25, 1911, he was ordained to the priest­hood in the Eastern rite in Bosnia. There, in 1913, he became a Studite. Afterwards, he returned to St. Petersburg and was subsequently arrested and sent to Siberia. In 1917, he was released and appointed to be the head of the Russian Catholic Church of the Eastern rite, with the title of Exarch. His second arrest came in 1923, and he was sent to prison. He died as a martyr for the faith on March 7, 1935.


10.  Reverend Mykola (Nicholas) Conrad

Blessed Nicholas Conrad was born on May 16, 1876, in the village of Strusiv, in the district of Ternopil. In 1889, he was ordained to the priesthood. While a parish priest in the village of Stradch, near Yakiv, on June 26, 1941, he went to visit sick parishioners with the holy Eucharist despite great danger. On his way, he was abducted by bolsheviks and shot, dying a martyr's death.


11.  Reverend Andriy (Andrew) Ishchak

Blessed Andrew Ishchak was born on September 23, 1887, in Mykolayiv, in the district of Lviv. He was ordained in 1914. On June 26, 1941, he was caught by the Soviet army while serving at the village of Sykhiv and was executed.


12.     Reverend Roman Lysko

Blessed Roman Lysko was born on August 14, 1914, in Heraldic, Lviv District. After marrying, he was ordained to the priesthood on August 28, 1941. On September 9, 1949, he was arrested by the NKVD and put into a prison in Lviv. He died in prison on October 14, 1949. Some accounts say he was sealed into a wall and left there to die.


13.   Reverend Mykola (Nicholas) Tsehelsky

Blessed Nicholas Tsehelsky was born on December 17, 1896, in the village of Strusiv, district of Ternopil. After Nicholas was married, the archbishop ordained him to the priesthood on April 5, 1925. On October 28, 1946, he was arrested. On January 27, 1947, he was sentenced to ten years in prison and was deported to labor camps in Mordovia. He died on May 25, 1951, as a martyr for the faith. He is buried in the camp cemetery.


14. Reverend Petro (Peter) Verhun

Blessed Peter Verhun was born on November 18, 1890, in Heraldic, Lviv District. On October 30, 1927, he was ordained to the priesthood, and was appointed to be the priest for Ukrainian Catholics in Berlin, Germany. Later he became the Apostolic Visitator to Germany. In June 1945, he was arrested and sent to prison camps in Siberia. He died as a martyr for the faith on February 7, 1957, in the village of Angarskiy, in the territory of Krasnoiarsk, Russia.


15. Reverend Oleksiy Zarytskyi

Blessed Oleksiy Zarytskyi was born in 1912 in the village of Biche, in the region of Lviv. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1936. In 1948, he was imprisoned for ten years. Shortly after his early release in 1957, he was imprisoned again for a three-year term. He died as a martyr for the faith on October 30, 1963, in a labor camp in a village near Karaganda.


16.Reverend Archimandrite Clement Sheptytsky
 Blessed Clement Sheptytsky was born on November 17, 1869, in the village of Prylbychi, in the district of Lviv. In 1911 he entered the Studites. On August 28, 1915, he was ordained to the priesthood. On June 5, 1947, he was arrested by NKVD and sentenced to eight years of hard labor. He died as a martyr for the faith on May I, 1951, in the Vladimir prison.


17.Reverend Severian Baranyk, O.S.B.M.

Blessed Severian Baranyk was born on July 18, 1889. On September 24, 1904, he entered the Basilian Order and made his final vows on September 21, 1910. He was ordained to the priesthood on February 14, 1915. On June 26, 1941, the NKVD arrested him, after which he was never seen alive again; however, a boy later give witness to seeing the tortured and swollen corpse of Father Severian, marked with a cross-shaped knife slash on his chest.


18. Reverend Yakym (Joachim) Senkivskyi, O.S.B.M.

Blessed Joachim Senkivskyi was born on May 2, 1896, in the village of Hayi Velykyi, in the district of Ternopil. He was ordained a priest on December 4, 1921. In 1923, he became a novice in the Basilian Order in Krekhiv. In 1939, he was appointed to be superior at the monastery in Drohobych. On June 26, 1941, he was arrested by the Communists and on June 29 was martyred by being boiled to death in a cauldron in the Drohobych prison.


19. Reverend Zenoviy (Zenon) Kovalyk, C.Ss.R.

Blessed Zenon Kovalykwas born on August 18, 1903, in the village of Ivachiv in the district of Ternopil. He was professed as a Redemptorist on August 28, 1926, and ordained a priest on September 4, 1932. Arrested on December 20, 1940, he was martyred by crucifixion at the end of June 1941.


20. Reverend Vitaliy Bayrak, O.S.B.M.

Blessed Vitaliy Bayrak was born on February 24, 1907, in the village of Shvaikivtsy, in the district of Ternopil. On September 4, 1924, he entered the Basilian Order and was ordained a priest on August 13, 1933. On September 17, 1945, the NKVD arrested Father Vitaliy and he was sentenced to eight years in a labor camp. Just prior to Easter of 1946, Father Vitaliy died after having been severely beaten in the Drohobych prison.


21. Reverend Ivan Ziatyk, C.Ss.R.

Blessed Ivan Ziatyk was born on December 26, 1899, in the village of Odrekhova near Sanok. In 1923 he was ordained to the priesthood. In 1935 he joined the Redemptorists. On January 5, 1950, he was arrested and sent away to a prison in Ozernyi, Russia. On Good Friday in 1952 he was severely tortured by clubbing and died on May 17.



22.  Sister Laurentia Herasymiv, S.S.].

Blessed Laurentia Herasymiv was born on September 31, 1911, in the village of Rudnyky, in the district of Lviv. In 1931 she entered the Sisters of St. Joseph, and in 1933 made her first vows. In the spring of 1950, she was arrested by the agents of the NKVD and sent to Borislav. Thereafter, she was exiled to Tomsk in Siberia. On June 30, 1950, she was relocated to the village of Kharsk. She continued to pray frequently and did much demanding manual labor. She patiently endured subhuman conditions. She died on August 28, 1952, in the village of Kharsk in the Tomsk Region of Siberia.


23.  Sister Tarsykia Matskiv, S.S.M.l.

Blessed Tarsykia Matskiv was born on March 23, 1919, in the village of Khodoriv, Lviv District. On May 3,1938, she entered the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate. After professing her first vows on November 5, 1940, she worked in her convent. Even prior to the arrival of the bolsheviks in Lviv, Sister Tarsykia made a private oath to her spiritual director, Father Volodymyr Kovalyk, O.S.B.M., that she would sacrifice her life for the conversion of Russia and for the good of the Catholic Church. The Bolsheviks were determined to destroy the convent. On the morning of July 18, 1944, at 8:00 A.M., a Soviet soldier rang the convent door. When Sister Tarsykia answered the door she was shot without warning, and died.


24.  Sister Olympia Bida, S.S.J.

Blessed Olympia Bida was born in 1903 in the village of Tsebliv, Lviv District. She entered the Sisters of St. Joseph and served in various towns and villages as a catechist, director of novices, and attendant to the aged and infirm. She was appointed superior of the convent in the town of Kheriv. In 1950 she was arrested with two other sisters, and exiled to the Tomsk region of Siberia. Succumbing to a serious illness, she died on January 28, 1952.



25.  Volodymyr Pryjma

Blessed Volodymyr Pryjma was born on July 17, 1906, in the village of Stradch, Yavoriv District. After graduating from a school for cantors, he became the cantor and choir director in the village church of Stradch. On June 26, 1941, agents of the NKVD mercilessly tortured and murdered him along with Father Nicholas Conrad in the forest near their vil­lage as they were returning from the home of a sick woman who had requested the sacrament of pen­ance.