SS. Peter and Paul Lending Library


List of Materials Available on the Audiomobile:


The following can be borrowed from the cart during Sunday morning breakfasts.  Returns can be made anytime by depositing borrowed items into the Return Box located to the left of the swinging doors in the bookcase in the church entrance.



Theology of the Body


Good News about SEX and MARRIAGE by Christopher West

Heaven’s Song: Sexual Love as it was Meant to be by Christopher West

Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West

A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body (Study Guide) with Christopher West

God’s Plan for a Joy Filled Marriage (Couples Workbook) by Christopher West

The Virgin Mary and the Theology of the Body by Donald H. Calloway,MIC



An Introduction to the Theology of the Body by Christopher west

Theology of the Body

Theology of the Body Conference -  June 2009 – 2 copies

Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity by Christopher West



An Introduction to the Theology of the Body by Christopher West

God, Sex and the Meaning of Life by Christopher West

National Theology of the Body Conference June 5-7 2009  2 copies

Purity in an Impure Age by Christopher West

Sexual Honesty- A Proposal to Engaged Couples by Christopher West

Woman – God’s Masterpiece by Christopher West


Mission Videos

Father Dybka (mid 1980’s)

Father Dybka (early-mid 1980’s)

Father Sianchuk (1983)

Father Garayeb (1987)

Fathers Dybka and Kondra (1988)

Bishop Samra (2000)

Father Dybka (2002)

Father Bohdan Lukie (2003)

Redemptorist Mission Team (2006) (Cunningham and Wilkinson) Poor audio and video

Father Thomas Loya (2009) 3 copies


 Mission DVDs

Father Yaroslav Dybka (mid 1980’s)

Father Yaroslav Dybka (Early-mid 1980’s)

Father Sianchuk (1983)

Father Albert Goraveb (1987

Father Yaroslav Dybka and Father Larry Kondra (1988)

Bishop Samra (2000)

Father Bohdan Lukie (2003)

Father Thomas Loya (2009) 3 copies


Mission CDs

Father Thomas Loya (2009) 3 copies


 Mission Audio Cassettes


Weisner and Bistzyo

Lynn Brothers (1982)

Father Garayeb (1987):  Devotion to Mary

Father Gorayeb (1987): Healing Liturgy and Sermon

Father Dybka (1990)

Father Dybka

Bishop Samra (2000)

Father Chirovsky (2001)


 Miscellaneous Videos

Father Bayda’s Ordination (2 copies)

Father Gorayeb: Youth Rally

Father Gorayeb: Marriage Encounter

Ukrainians in Brazil

Ukrainian/English liturgy (1996)

Divine Liturgy with Bishop Cornelius and Father Pazak

Gift of Freedom

Faith and Advanced Care Directives

Mary Mother of God ( 2002)

New Life in the Trinity: An Eastern Christian Introduction to the Mysteries of Christian Initiation


Miscellaneous Audio Cassettes

Father Gorayeb: Biblical History of Marriage

Father Gorayeb: Youth Rally and Married Couples Retreat

Father Gorayeb: Couples Retreat (2 copies)

Gospel of Matthew

Glory to God, Honour to Mary, sacred music by the SSMI


 Miscellaneous DVDs

Completely Christ’s: The Radical Call of the Consecrated Life

Father Gorayeb: Biblical History of Marriage

Father Garayeb: Youth Rally

Feasts and Fasts

Joseph the Man Closest to God

Lifework: Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life

Lviv’s Children’s Building #1

Sacrifice of Praise: An Exploration of the Divine Liturgy

The Passion

Song of Bernadette

Steadfast and Faithful:  A Martyr’s Journey

W-Five: The Forgotten Children

The 13th Day

The Yorkton Province Story


 DVDs for Children

Bernadette: The Princess of Lourdes

The Very First Noel

Veggie Tales:  Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space

                        Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed

Veggie Tales:  King George and the Ducky

Veggie Tales: Pistachio: The Little Boy That Woodn’t

Veggie Tales:  Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

Veggie Tales:  Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue

Veggie Tales:  The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s


 Miscellaneous CDs

Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Liturgical Treasures (Basilian Students)

Divine Liturgy (English and Ukrainian)



A Guide for the Domestic Church

A Popular Presentation of Byzantine Christianity: Our Faith

A Turbulent Life by Zonia Keywan

The Beatitudes:  Jesus’ Pattern for a Happy Life by Marilyn Norquist

The Boundless God by Adrienne Von Speyr

The Byzantine Ukrainian Rite ( 2 copies)

Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian Life by Donald McNeill et al

The Da Vinci Deception (2 copies)

Divine Liturgy by V. J. Bozyk (4 copies)

Eternal Memory (Father Delaere and the Ukrainian Catholic Church) by Vocht, CSSR

Everyman’s Way of the Cross by Calrence Enzler

Go to the Deep: The Life of Archbishop Raya by Lesya Sabada-Nahachewsky

He Dwells in Our Midst

History of the Miraculous Icon of our Mother of Perpetual Help by Bishop Velychkovsky

Holy Transfiguration Monastery: Lent- Pascha 2007

How to Love God by Father Joseph Denischuk, CSsR

Lifework: Finding Your Purpose in Life

The Lifework Inventory by Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D.

Light for Light Series:                The Mystery Believed

                                                The Mystery Celebrated

                                                The Mystery Lived

Light of the East by Msgr. Appleyard

Light of the East 2nd Edition by Msgr. George Appleyard

Men of Integrity: Promise Keepers

The Mission of the Catholic Family by Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D.

Pioneer Bishop prepared by Bishop Budka Council #5914

Prayer is a Hunger by Edward Farrell

Praying with Theresa of Liseux: Fr. R. Zambelli (editor)

Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina by Michael Casey

Servant of Love by Edward Le Joly

She Followed the Call: published by the SSMI (3 copies)

Suffering  by Strang  (2 copies)

The Way of the Pilgrim: translation by Helen Bacovcin

Why did Jesus die? By Nicky Gumbel

You are Gods! By Msgr. George Appleyard


Other Materials

Compilation of Pre Lenten and Great Fast material

Eastern Christian Gifts: summary of Lesia Nahachewsky’s presentation

Our Place Under the Sun:  summary of Deacon Nahachewsky’s presentation