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Ss. Peter and Paul Parish is blessed to have a number of choirs and groups involved in our Music Ministry. The various choirs/groups are scheduled during the year to help lead congregational responses. If you enjoy singing and would like to join others in sharing your talents in music ministry, please consider joining one or more of the choirs/groups. New members are always welcome at anytime during the year.

CLICK HERE to view the Lead Singing Schedule   schedule dates from September 1, 2017 to February 4, 2018.

Ss. Peter and Paul Church Choir

For those (young and old) who wish to sing the Divine Liturgies formally in Ukrainian and English, are invited to join the Church Choir.  For details and practice times please contact the director, Paul Hnenny, at (306) 249-0196 or by e-mail paulhnenny@hotmail.com.

Men’s Choir

An invitation to all men (young and old) interested in joining in singing at the Divine Liturgies. For more information, please contact Bill Gulka at (306) 249-0243 or by e-mail at w.gulka@sasktel.net.

Women’s Choir

All women are invited to join in leading the congregational responses at our Divine Liturgies.  Practices are held ˝ hour prior to the scheduled Divine Liturgy, either in the crying room or church auditorium. For more information, please contact Nadya Berezowski at (306) 979-4464 or by e-mail at nadya.berezowski@yahoo.ca.

 Junior Choir

This Music Ministry welcomes children who are in Kindergarten and up to join the Junior Choir. The children have the opportunity to learn new songs and make new friends while being involved during the Divine Liturgy. Practices are Monday evenings from 6:15-6:50 pm. For more information please contact Andrea Swann at (306) 931-3705 or e-mail at aswann@sasktel.net.

 Holy Fire Choir

We are a youthful, energetic group who sings a modern version of the Divine Liturgy along with contemporary Christian songs.  All singers and musicians Grades 7 & up (Adults too!) are invited to join!  Practices are held Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.  For more information, please contact Carmen Bartko at carmenbartko@hotmail.com.

 Music Ministry and Volunteer Singers

An open invitation goes out to all those who sing with our various choirs and groups, and especially those who just enjoy singing and want to join our Cantors in leading the responses when there is no scheduled choir or group leading the Divine Liturgies.  We are led by our parish cantors: Henry Spilchuk, Paul Hnenny, Bill Gulka, Andrea Swann, Nadya Berezowski, and Carmen Bartko. Practices are held ˝ hour prior to the scheduled Divine Liturgy in the crying room or church auditorium. Watch the bulletin for dates and times for scheduled “Cantor and Music Ministry and Volunteer Singers”, and please come and join us!  For more information, or to be added to our e-mail contact list, please contact  Nadya Berezowski at (306) 979-4464 or e-mail at nadya.berezowski@yahoo.ca.

 The Resurrection Choir

This choir gathers solely to sing responses for the Parastas and Funeral Liturgies. The choir was formed to provide comfort for the bereaved. Volunteer members are always welcome. Practices are arranged several times a year to learn new hymns, and review music. Watch for dates in the bulletin. For more information call Henry Spilchuk (306) 374-3620 or e-mail thespilchuks@gmail.com Andrea Swann at (306) 931-3705 or e-mail at aswann@sasktel.net.

 Cana Cantors Choir

The Cana Cantors lead both the recited and sung responses for the Rite of Crowning (marriage ceremony) at Ss. Peter and Paul parish at the request of engaged couples. Anyone interested in singing with this group please contact Paul Hnenny, at (306) 249-0196 or by e-mail paulhnenny@hotmail.com.

Please come and join us
in singing praises to God.



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