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This is useful information to help you become involved in parish life.

 Baptismal Program - One evening workshop which includes discussion of the meaning of Baptism and Chrismation, the ceremony, its significance, with an emphasis being placed on the role and commitment of the parents in providing the spiritual growth of their child. Appointment for this workshop and the Baptism should be made through the parish office at 306-343-6516.

 Marriage Preparation - Couples intending to be married at Saints Peter & Paul should notify the priests of their intention at least six months in advance.  Couples must participate in a marriage preparation program, usually the Eparchial Marriage Prep Program coordinated by the Family and Life Office.  For more information, please contact the parish office at 306-343-6516.

  catechetical programs

 Sunday School - For children ages 4 – 5 during the 11:00 A.M. liturgy only.  Children will learn about Jesus through Bible stories, songs and crafts.  For more information, please contact Jackie Kjargaard at 306-249-4322.  The children may join at anytime.

 First Reconciliation/Solemn Holy Communion

This program is for sacramental preparation, usually for children in grade 2.  They will learn about being “Children of Light.”  The Mystery of Reconciliation will be covered before Christmas; the Mystery of the Eucharist, after Christmas.  MONDAY EVENINGS 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.  For more information, please contact the parish office at 306-343-6516.  STARTS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017.  

 PARENT PROGRAM FOR First Reconciliation/Solemn Holy Communion -      As your child continues to grow in faith through their preparations for the holy mysteries, he/she will continue to need your support and guidance.  These parent sessions will focus more on the sacraments and helping your child prepare for them.  You are automatically registered for these sessions when your child is enrolled in the First Reconciliation/Solemn Holy Communion Program.  The parent sessions are held during your child’s class time.  For more information, please contact the parish office 306-343-6516. NOTE:  Parent classes are not happening this year 2017-2018 because classes were done last year.


 Junior Choir - Music Ministry for children in Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Learn new songs, meet new friends, involvement during the Divine Liturgy.  Monday Evenings 6:15 – 6:50 P.M.  For more information, please contact Andrea Swann at 306-931-3705.  The children may join at anytime.

 Children of Mary - Girls who are 8 years and older and have made their Solemn Holy         Communion are invited for membership.  The girls learn about Mary, feast days, the Rosary, and they assist in liturgical ceremonies.  The program also provides social and educational activities.  Meet on designated Monday evenings from 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.  For more information, please contact Wendy Friedrich at 306-249-1495.

 Altar Servers - Boys who are 8 years and older and have made their Solemn Holy Communion are invited to become members.  The boys assist our priests with liturgies.  There are provisions for social and athletic activities in their program.  Meet on designated Monday evenings at 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.  For more information, please contact Yurij Popowych at 306-249-2432 or Fritz Friedrich at 306-249-1495.


 Junior youth - A group of energetic and enthusiastic youth in grades 6-8 who meet on most   second and fourth Fridays each month during the school year.  These gatherings are faith focused and fun, with games, skits, crafts and snacks. Starts Friday, September 29, 2017.   For more information, please contact Sarah Buchko at 306-381-8063 or email or Olena Simko at   


 VILLA scripture StudIES - The group meets weekly on Tuesdays at 10:15 A.M. at St. Volodymyr Villa.  For more information, please contact Grace Lashyn at 306-374-6304.

 Bible Study - For more information, please contact Bernadette Popowych at 306-249-2432 or

 CHRISTIAN INITIATION - For adults wishing to join the Ukrainian Catholic Church, a catechism  program is offered.  Please call the parish office at 306-343-6516.


 Confraternity of Our Mother of Perpetual Help  Meet Wednesday mornings at 8:00 A.M. for rosary and special devotions to Our Lady.  Monthly meetings held on the first                   Wednesday of every month following the rosary.  New members are always welcome.  For more information, please contact Grace Lashyn at 306-374-6304.

 SAINTS Peter & Paul Parish Council Knights of Columbus #11775

A Catholic men’s fraternity upholding the ideals of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.  Meetings are held every month.  For more information, please contact Ron Gretchen at 306-373-6137.

 Ukrainian Catholic Women’S League of Canada (UCWLC) An organization open to all women of the parish.  This organization offers spiritual, social, education and cultural activities.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month.  For more information, please contact Gloria Pryma at 306-374-3346.

 SAINTS Peter & Paul Seniors Organization - Open to parishioners over 50 years of age.  This group holds a monthly business meeting and sponsors various social and fraternal activities.  For more information, please contact Wally Wandzura at 306-934-8058.

  Parish Council Executive

 Responsible for the overall leadership and management of parish council activities. Tasks include program and operational planning, goal-setting and policy development. Executive consists of the President, Past President, Vice-President, Administrative Council Chair, Pastoral Council Chair, Member-at-large and Secretary. If you have management and leadership skills and experience, please consider using them in a role on the Executive.  Call Perry Kjargaard, current President, at 306-249-4322.


 EDUCATION Committee - Promotes and organizes adult education opportunities as well as          playing a supportive role for catechesis at all age levels.  It is our hope that ongoing projects such as the lending library, feast day icon displays and handouts, bulletin articles, bible study, and catechetical sessions will create a thirst for more in-depth learning and acquisition of the tools necessary for spiritual growth.  New members are most welcome.  No experience required!  Contact Bernadette Popowych at 306-249-2432 or to see where you can help.

 Liturgical Committee - The primary purpose of the committee is to enhance the worship of the parish community.  Duties include providing assistance to the clergy and Sanctuary Committee, organizing special services and celebrations during the year, and purchasing, maintaining, storing and distributing liturgical materials.  Liturgical Chairperson position is Vacant.  New members are needed.  For more information contact the Parish Office at 306-343-6516; email

 MUSIC MINISTRY - Music Ministry is made up of a Coordinator, plus choir directors, cantors and leaders in the music ministry, and is under the umbrella of the Liturgical Committee.  Purpose of the ministry, under the leadership of the Coordinator, is to enhance the music ministry of our parish community, provide support to the cantors, directors and parish choirs/singers, as well as scheduling choir groups and lead singers for services during the year. Contact Nadya Berezowski at 306-979-4464 or email

 WELCOMING COMMITTEE - We are looking for interested parishioners to join the Welcoming  Committee to help in spearheading activities or programs to achieve our Number One goal, “to be a more welcoming parish and to reach out to non-parishioners.”  To achieve this goal will require the effort of all our parishioners, the young, the old, the long-term and the new.  Call Ivy Stus at 306-652-4239 or Patricia Pelet at 306-244-2581 for further information.  We need you and your new ideas!

 The Service and Social Justice Committee - It aims to engage parishioners in putting their faith in action for the poor and vulnerable in our society and abroad.  It also disburses the Parish Charity Funds and helps facilitate the Parish response to parishioners who require assistance with special needs.  New members welcome!  Contact Laura Bosovich at 306-249-3210 or Sara Shymko at 306-343-5505.


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