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The Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre was established by Bishop Andrew Roborecki in response to Vatican II, ďto make oneís faith become living, conscious and active through the light of instructionĒ.  This centre is operated by the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate and is housed on the 3rd floor of the Sheptytsky Institute at 1239 College Drive.


What do they offer?

     The Centre is an invaluable resource and distribution centre for materials.  There is an extensive lending library of books and videos on the Ukrainian Catholic Church and general topics.  Materials on the Eastern Church are available for purchase.  For information on some of the books and other materials available see below.

     The sisters (Sister Marijka and Sister Bonnie) facilitate education in-services, work on parish programs, and speak at retreats.  They have programs for certification of catechists, and they organize and coordinate the Lay Formation Program.


Certification of Catechists

     The purpose of the Eparchial Cathechist Certificate Program is to establish minimum standards for a theological, spiritual, and catechetical background.  Anyone endeavouring to share their faith with adults, children or youth in the catechetical ministry of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon is encouraged to complete the various levels of certification.  This program recognizes the importance of catechetical leadership, and establishes standards for those in administration as well as teaching.


The Lay Formation Program

 The aim of the Lay Formation Program is: 

  • To help participants understand the richness of our Eastern Church by studying our liturgy, theology, spirituality and tradition.

  • To grow in personal and liturgical prayer through active participation in various Eastern liturgical services as well as a personal prayer program

  • To help participants deepen their baptismal commitment and to realize that their lives as baptized Christians are essentially ministerial.

  • To build up self-confidence and deep personal conviction in faith and ministry through expansion of knowledge, understanding and insight.


This program runs for two years.  Sessions are held one weekend every month for ten months from September to June.


For those of you who feel the need for spiritual guidance on a one to one basis (spiritual direction), this is also available.  Contact Sister Marijka for an appointment.


Learn more about our Faith and strengthen our spiritual family!



            Learn the Basics of Our Faith:  

               Resources available:


              NEW  LIFE  IN THE  TRINITY

Looking for a great new resource on the Mysteries of Initiation??  We have in stock a Video put out by the Eparchy of St. Josaphat, Parma.  This 30 minute video explains the Mysteries of Marriage and Initiation through the eyes of Roman Catholic spouses who have married Ukrainian Byzantine Catholics.  It is a great little tool for Adult Education, URCIA, Women's Leagues meetings, Brotherhood meetings and so much more.  It is also available on DVD.  



              LIGHT  FOR  LIFE

The publication of the Light for Life series provides an overview of the Faith for Byzantine Catholics.  All the Byzantine Bishops of the United States approved these books.  Drawing on all forms of Holy Tradition, Light for Life expresses the historic proclamation of the Gospel in three parts.


Part One: The Mystery Believed, sketches this mystery of the God who loves us and reveals Himself to us.  We are called to make our own the Church's understanding of what God has shown us of Himself and what He has done to unite ourselves with Him.

Part Two: The Mystery Celebrated, looks at the Liturgical Tradition by which our Church encounters the Spirit of God.  When Believers gather, we experience the Kingdom in our midst where God acts to make us the "community of the Holy Spirit."

Part Three: The Mystery Lived, reveals that the world is not outside the realm as Christians.  Our mission is to the whole world; to call the World to be transformed by Christ, as all life is now meant to be, through the power of the Holy Spirit.



          Brand New Resources:


ICON  PACKET: Revelation in Colour


Fifty full color 8-1/2 x 11 prints of icons based on Gospel narratives and parables.

It includes reflections on the Scriptural passages drawn from patristic sources plus excerpts from John Custerís commentaries on the Gospels and the Apostolic Writings.

References to the Byzantine liturgical cycle, the Revised Common Lectionary and the Roman Lectionary are also given for each passage. An introduction describes the principles behind the tradition of icons in Byzantine practice.

Price $35.00




Making Your Way In Todayís World

Fourteen lessonsóthis program explores basic principles such as freedom, finding time for God, and a Christian way of life as well as many moral issues directly applicable to teens, such as lying, cheating, gossiping, on seeking revenge, internet addiction and substance abuse, modern media and consumerism.

Facilitatorís Guide

52 pages, paper




Caring for Godís Creation

This is a five-part study unit for Vacation Bible School, weekly Church School, or Summer Camping Programs. This offers reflection on our call to the stewardship of Godís creation and its consequences for the protection of the environment.

Facilitatorís Guide with supplement for Middle School Use

16 pages, paper.

Also available for High School Use $10.00 each




This high school course explores the role of service in the life of the Church and the Christianís call to minister, both in the Church and in the wider community.

Facilitatorís Guide

24 pages, paper    $10.00 each




This is a seven-part program for teens on love and forgiveness as the basis for all relationships (with God, family, friends, others) and the primacy of the believerís relationship with God.

Facilitatorís Guide with Supplement for Middle School24 pages, paper; also available for high school use.  $10.00 each




A middle school program using Biblical teachings and examples (for example, Joseph and Potiphar, David and Bathsheba, first-century Corinth) to initiate discussion on temptation, lust, sexual pressures from peers and our secular society, as well as the positive values of repentance, monasticism and Christian marriage.

Facilitatorís Guide

44 pages, paper      $10.00 each



                CONTACT  US

 For further information on what the sisters have to offer please contact them at 652-1718 or


The Centre is usually open Mon. thru Fri. 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. 


Please phone ahead to ensure that the sisters are in as they service our entire Eparchy. 

If you wish to access the centre after regular hours the sisters will be glad to accommodate you.