We are approaching the blessed time of the Lent where each of us is called to deepen our intimate connection with Christ and to be more concerned by what Jesus did for us in His boundless love to His sisters and brothers. Therefore, the Youth Ministry Office in the faces of young people of our Eparchy are planning to organize and lead two amazing events in our parishes: the Stations of the Cross (like we did last year) and the Passion Play which is a new event. We would be so much thankful to you for your support, contribution or participation in these two events. We are inviting your children and young adults to join our team.


For the Stations of the Cross we will need more singers as well as readers. There is no limit of age. That is why, if you feel comfortable to assist us in singing and reading please let us know. Marie Larmour, the parishioner of Saints Peter and Paul, is our coordinator.

The dates of the Stations of the Cross are given below. Additionally, there will be one/two singing practices at the end of February/beginning of March which will be scheduled based on your availability.

Wednesday, March 11th at 7.00 pm – St. George’s Cathedral

Thursday, March 19th at 6.30pm – Dormition Church

Sunday, March 29th at 2.00pm – Foam Lake

Tuesday, March 31st at 7.00pm – Saints Peter and Paul Church


For the Passion Play we need young actors (youth 13+ and young adults). Ivan Kolosnjaji, a parishioner of St. George’s cathedral and a drama teacher of BJM, is our drama coordinator.

The booked dates for performances and rehearsals in churches are the following:

March 4th or 5th – rehearsal at Dormition church (the day and time will be chosen based on the actors’ availability)

Friday, March 6th at 6.30 – performance at Dormition church

Thursday, March 12th at 7.00 – rehearsal at Saints Peter and Paul

Sunday, March 15th at 7.00 – performance at Saints Peter and Paul

March 16th or 17th – rehearsal at St. George’s Cathedral

Wednesday, March 18th at 7.00 – performance at St. George’s Cathedral

Sunday, March 29th at 2.00 – performance at Foam Lake


Passion Play practices (tentative):

Friday, Jan 31st at 7.00

Saturday, Feb 8th at 3.00

Saturday, Feb 15th at 3.00

Friday, Feb 21st at 7.00

Saturday, Feb 29th at 3.00


For more information, contact Viktoriia Marko, Eparchial Youth Minister – uwitness2youth@gmail.com or 306-914-0355